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  • “John's positive attitude and willingness to stay with a challenge is what makes him one of the best Brokers and Realtors I have worked with. We have bought multiple properties through John and his guidance has been worth its "weight in gold". I would recommend John for any real estate needs you have."
    - R. G.
  • “I have known Kimberly Kidder for many years and am happy to give her the highest of recommendations as a Real Estate Agent. She took the time to listen to our concerns and desires, spent countless hours developing listings that met our criteria and walked us through the processes of both buying and selling a home from start to finish. She is a professional that can be counted on to get the job done and get it done right!"
    - Eric
  • "Susan's positive outlook gave me the courage to go forward with this adventure."
    "Thank you for your never-ending enthusiasm and support for what we are trying to achieve with this move."
    – C.W.
  • " This past summer, Wendy helped Johs and I find a house quickly and easily in what was a tough seller’s market. She listened attentively to our needs, making the process feel less like a business transaction and more like a friendly working relationship. Thanks to her diligence and vigilance, we moved into our house knowing we had made the right choice."

    - M. & J. H.
  • “John and Gina both knew what they were doing, had great information to share with me about the process, they got right to the point and after every meeting or conversation there was always a clear followup. They both listened really well and helped me to fill in the blanks as this is the first time I have ventured into a small business.
    - T. G.
  •  "Rich, is just great. I couldn't have imagined a better real estate person to work with. Thank you, thank you."

  • We had a great buying experience with Oran. He helped us through the process flawlessly. We also were kept up to date during the entire process so we didn't experience any last minute surprises at closing. Oran negotiated a great price for the home we wanted! I would highly recommend!



  • " I can’t imagine a better realtor than Gina. She is a master of the business end - all ducks in a row all the time - and also brings the heart piece in a powerful way. I felt inspired by all our interactions. "



  • "I would recommend Alissa to anyone local or new to Boulder, especially those who might need to be educated on it’s housing market. Having said that, if you’re feeling like there’s just nothing out there for you, talk to Alissa, she’ll find you the home of your dreams."



  • "I’ve bought and sold homes for over 50 years.  Cari strikes me as being the most efficient, thorough, and available agent I’ve experienced. Also, her knowledge and experience spread beyond Boulder City limits and into all of Boulder County”

    - E.M.